NeuroField Therapy

What is it?

NeuroField therapy is the introduction of electromagnetic frequencies into the body to correct dysfunction.

What is electromagnetic frequency?

Electromagnetic frequency is a measure of how many times the peak of a wave passes a particular point each second. It is measured in Hertz, which also can be written as simply “per second”.  So it is seen as “cycles per second” or simply Hz.

A wave’s electromagnetic frequency is directly related to the amount of energy carried by the wave. Low-frequency electromagnetic waves, for example, have small amounts of energy and, therefore, are relatively safe. These are more commonly known as radio waves.

What do electromagnetic frequencies have to do with NeuroField Therapy and my health?

Electromagnetic frequencies are the vibratory rates of any tissue in the body.

Everything – body tissues, rocks, wood, bugs, animals etc – everything vibrates as long as the temperature is above absolute zero (-273.15 degrees Centigrade).  At absolute zero vibratory movement (frequencies) stop.

The vibratory rate – or frequency – varies from one substance to another and is distinctive to that substance.  By identifying the vibratory rate, a substance can be identified.  This is used in diagnostic labs.

The various tissues in the body – liver, muscle, bones, kidney, brain, connective, nerve, etc – have their own specific frequencies.  When functioning optimally at their specific frequencies, the tissues are in an optimal state of health.

What causes a disturbance in optimal health?

Many factors can disrupt healthy frequencies.  Exposure to environmental toxins, smog, gasoline fumes, cleaning fluids, household chemicals, dry cleaning odors, chemicals in water, stress, poor nutrition, physical injury, medications – all of these have the potential to alter healthy frequencies.

How can NeuroField make a difference?

NeuroField is designed to restore optimal frequencies to the body by re-training the target tissues. The frequencies are programmed into the equipment and treatment is selected based on symptoms.  Each treatment is designed to meet the specific needs of the individual.  Once the course of therapy is determined, NeuroField is delivered via coils that are placed over the area of the body needing re-training.

What does it feel like?

Usually there is no sensation with NeuroField, however some have reported a warming sensation under the coil and others have reported hearing high frequency tones.  There is no discomfort with the therapy.

How long does it take?

Treatment can last anywhere from 30 – 45 minutes.  The number of treatments needed depends on the problem being treated.  Generally, the health issue can be resolved in as few as 8 – 12 sessions.  Once corrected there is usually no need for further treatment unless the person experiences an emotional or physical trauma – then a “tune-up” session may be indicated.